look what I made!

glass beads I made

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OOh eck where have I been all this time? I just had to nip back with this..

Isn’t this just gorgeous? if I were I silicon based life form I could just pop it in my mouth like a pomegranate seed!

I was at a “bead party” and bought glass earrings, the bead maker didn’t have a pendant to match so she offered to show me how to make some beads myself.

It was tremendously exciting!

All you need is a propane/oxygen burner ( just a wee bit hot). There are metal sticks called mandrils which you hold in the flame, turning them slowly all the time and with your other hand, melt a stick of glass ( also turning constantly) and let it blob onto the mandril. Keep turning and turning ’til you get a good round shape – it’s the sign of expertise if the bead is perfect. Then you can layer another colour on top or use small sticks of another colour to make patterns – easy! Once you’re done the bead goes into a kiln that gradually cools over a few hours so there’s no cracking, I’m not sure how you get the bead off the mandril cause I wasn’t there for that bit!

The one in the picture is white glass with purple layered on top and I only did one of them as I was running out of time but I would love to do some more sometime. 

I also found myself shaking all time which was quite embarrassing ( I don’t know why I have developed a bit of a tremor from time to time, I guess I should find out about it) but despite that she said I did very well for a first timer, especially with doing two different things with each of my hands, which isn’t that easy.

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  1. Looks great!.. are they easy to make?

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